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Six Month Smiles® in Lichfield & Staffordshire

The perfect smile in just 6 months

Six Month Smile braces is an orthodontic treatment which can correct misaligned teeth and give you a straight smile in just six months. This is an ideal treatment for people who want a quick and discreet route to straighter teeth.

How does it work?

Six Month Smile braces use tooth coloured wires and brackets and are designed to concentrate on only the teeth that are visible when you smile. Treatment time is shorter than with most other braces and the teeth will be moved in a quick but gentle fashion to achieve a beautiful radiant smile.

Why people prefer Six Month Smiles

Orthodontics no longer means months of wearing unattractive and uncomfortable braces. Innovations such as Six Month Smiles have made it so straighter smiles can be achieved through speedy and comfortable solutions. Six Month Smile braces are the ideal solution for people who have minor orthodontic problems that affect the front teeth.

Is it for me?

If you want quick results or you have a special event coming up, Six Month Smiles is the ideal choice of treatment. However, it is not suitable for everyone and more complex orthodontic problems may require a different treatment.

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